Judith Jobse is a Dutch singer songwriter. In 2000 she won the Dutch talent contest “Your Big Break” on Dutch National television.

She had a 2nd position in the Dutch hit charts with her song You (2001), sang the leader of the Dutch Big Brother (2002) and was finalist for the Dutch Eurovision contribution in 2004 .

She also received a Dutch award for her music (TMF-award) ​In 2003 she got international fame with her protest song against the War in Iraq “Fools rule the world” (The song was re-recorded in 2011 and is now available on the album of Déva Dyne).

In 2004 she took a ‘sabbatical’ for study and kids. In march 2010 the track “Remember – Rick Snel featuring Judith Jobse” was released at Afterglow Records in Germany. The song was also a track on the Armada trance top 100 2010 from Armin van Buuren. In september 2012 the album Inner Life of her band Déva Dyne was released.

​In 2013 Judith decided to go back to her roots: little and pure songs from the heart. Her EP ‘Closer” , which contains 4 songs, is her first solo EP sinces her sabbatical.